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  1. 58Tristano 5c7Les

    58Tristano 5c7Les Brésiliennes sont les plus belles femmes du monde !!!, le Brésil est née de plusieurs mélanges de cultures différentes : Européennes, taliennes, Portugaises, Espagnoles, Allemandes, Polonaises, Russes, Ukrainenes … Africaines: Angola,Soudan-Moyen Orient : Libanaises,Turques-Asiatiques: Japonaises, et 60 ethnies de métis indien !!! Toutes ces cultures se sont mélangés avec les Indiens et les Africains ce qui donnent des gens sublimes et des femmes Brésiliennes sublimes !!! Vivo Brasil !!! 0  1 138

  2. Ich hätte ja nicht

    Ich hätte ja nicht gedacht, dass du dich doch noch so auf LotS einschießt…!? Bei mir rangiert die Serie eher so im durchschnittlichen Mittelfeld, kann man aber durchaus anschauen…Im Grunde ungefähr auf dem selben Niveau wie die aktuellen britischen Serien um “Robin Hood” und “Merlin”…Was mir ein wenig abgeht, ist ein Schuss mehr Humor — auch wenn mir klar ist, dass man sich einigermaßen an die Vorlagen halten möchte, nimmt sich die Serie manchmal etwas zu ernst…

  3. Hejifølge politiken

    Hejifølge politikens store gør det selv bog, skal du først finde ud af om det er kalk eller maling du har siddende. Er der maling, fjernes det med tapetklister, der sidder på i 24 h. og så skal du fiddle med tandbørste og småpinde. Er der kun kalk hopper du let og elegant til nedvaskning af gammelt kalk.Lån bogen på biblioteket, eller køb den igennem gyldendalsbogklub :o)

  4. short­chain,We woul

    short­chain,We would call that a mon­strous tyranny and an oli­garchy — and the worst kind of oli­garchy, as in not by the wealthy and pow­er­ful, but by a bunch of aca­d­e­mics who go around “adjust­ing” peo­ple so as to make them fit into the academic’s grand scheme of what the galaxy ought to be.Inter­est­ingly, this appears to be (from what I can tell) Mule Rider’s view on the Demo­c­ra­tic Party.

  5. I discriminate betwe

    I discriminate between good, original mysteries (rare) and derivative, formulaic attempts to emulate existing styles and tropes (common as leprosy on Molokai). It’s the work that transcends genre that fascinates me…or cross-over efforts incorporating various elements into a new and unique vision. Harlan Ellison has always claimed that anything one needs to know about writing, you can learn from reading the entire Sherlock Holmes canon. Somewhere Artie Conan Doyle must be blushing…


    LA MIA ESPERIENZA:Ho conosciuto Roberto proprio in occasione di un corso da 1000 Euro circa con seminari mensili; erano circa 10 i seminari ed il suo (Forza-Forza Funzionale) quello più interessante. L’ho cercato e trovato al corso preparatori pallacanestro quand’era Responsabile, i 1100 Euro spesi meglio nella mia vita (ma sempre un botto di soldi). Ho buttato via 2000 euro per il corso preparatori della FIPAV (lo ammetto sono stato proprio masochista)…tutti nel cesso! Non fatevi le seghe con MASTERCARD perchè questo blog NON HA PREZZO!!!!

  7. Hola inicio leyendo

    Hola inicio leyendo tu blog y para mi agradable sorpresa encuentro en tus ultimos post uno que habla de mi hermosa ciudad, efectivamente es una ciudad con mucha historia yo al menos estoy orgullosa de ella, de sus noche bohemias, de su historia, ojala tengas oportunidad d e regresar y darte una vuelta para conocer las artesania en especial la talavera, los dulces tipicos, tomare un café en el barrio del artista, dar un tour turistico en la noche en fin te enamoraras más de esta hermosa ciudad. Saluditos Lilian

  8. jane Curiosa disse:M

    jane Curiosa disse:MarcosBem lembrado.Frisando que as estampas dos referidos band-aids,foram realmente desenvolvidos por Herchcovitch em parceria com a J&J. Já esses outros,são “inspirações” das marcas;nada oficiais.Tipo,pode ter no SUS,mas não fica phyno para entrar no Sírio Libanês.

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  10. #Ardiola: witam na b

    #Ardiola: witam na blogu i dziekuje za komentarz. Ja tez pamietam targowiska ze starociami z mojej wizyty we Francji kilka lat temu. Lubie szperac, choc niestety, poza kilkoma fajnymi ksiazkami, nie trafilam jeszcze na zadne cudenko. Pozdrawiam i zycze udanych spacerow po Barcelonie oraz Gironie, ktora tez jest uroczym miastem

  11. In my opinion infras

    In my opinion infrastructure is more needed in wealthier regions, where much is already going on and there are plenty of well working enterpreneurships. What do you need a motorway to the forest for?:)Honestly, what these regions need is more getting things in their own hands. Organising communities, small businesses etc.When talking infrastructure, I’d much more welcome having A1 or fast train connections between major cities.

  12. (in my best fieldsia

    (in my best fieldsian voice): reminds me of the time…i was living in the caribbean, on a small, central american island…in the bush–during the season–a man had to be constantly on the alert, lest he be conked on the head by that ferocious falling fruit…they were THIS bi-i-ig…

  13. Nice job scraping 12

    Nice job scraping 12 together. What’s the competition like for the “EDie” award?What was the “memorable glitch”?Good to hear you’re doing so well with the Biggest Loser thing. Especially good that you seem to be enjoying it. The Squam Dogs are indeed quite cute. And cuddly, I assume.Judging by your enthusiasm for this MI-5 show, I figure I should probably give it a shot. Unfortunately, I cancelled my Netflix subscription when I came to Paris and I’m sure the stream wouldn’t work here anyway.

  14. Thanks James.It&#821

    Thanks James.It’s been a long time since I read the book. I have often told myself I am going to re-read it to see if my perspective has changed, but I can never bring myself to do it. In the end I just found the book very offensive and insulting more than anything else.I can understand why people like it. If you have never heard these ideas before, they can bring about a sense of peace. They did for me, back in the day, depsite my overall distaste for Tolle himself.Jonathan

  15. How about reserving

    How about reserving a lump of scrap/”for cleaning purposes” translucent clay, and whizzing that in the clay-dedicated food processor when switching from a dark colour to a light/translucent colour?That approach works pretty well for pasta machines — roll scrap white/translucent through it a few times after the dark colour, and before the light colour — and when the “for cleaning purposes” clay becomes too dirty you can use it for bead cores or anything else you’d use other scrap clay for.

  16. We can donate for fo

    We can donate for food, but that will only help few and only temporarily. What we need is a fair trade. We need to stop exploiting the poor and supporting corrupt polititians. What's the point of donating and making business with warlords at the same time? I'm talking about Western governments and corporations. Yea, we the Web 2.0 generation could make a difference.. but we're not united, we don't have a leader… In the end you don't know where your money goes and who takes a bit here and there in the process…

  17. Foarte expresivă ş

    Foarte expresivă şi chiar de nu ai citi interpretarea tot meditezi asupra timpului nesfârşit ce e în noi şi care ne-nconjoară . E ireala imaginea spirituală ce ţi-o creează sau poate nu , oricum te duce cu gândul adânc în suflet dar nu eşti sigur că-nţelegi .

  18. / sunt cucu meu.

    / sunt cucu meu. ma duc direct cu cardul, gasesc in el toate informatiile, adica numerele de cont de care am nevoie? nu. platesc direct cu cardul pe baza de CNP si numar de cont? nu. atunci sunt fix pula, mai mult decat nimic, dar mai e pana departe. din pacate, iata ca nici nu realizeaza lumea ca s-ar putea si mult, mult mai bine. tehnologia permite, dar nu si lacomia unora care fac sa fie totul stufos, coontra cost, impartit in feliute

  19. This version is free

    This version is freezing my browser when I visit a site that has Flash elements. Also the windows telling me that Shockwave Flash crashed shows. I tried uninstalling and installing Flash again, with no luck.I'll try to uninstall Chrome Dev and try the Beta, to see if it works….

  20. Your article reminds

    Your article reminds me of the scene in “Restaurant at the End of the Universe” where the Golgafrinchan middle men were tricked into leaving their home planet by the elite (thinkers) and workers (doers) who felt that service type jobs were useless, only to find that one of those service jobs (telephone sanitizer) was necessary to save the planet.The point being that you need balance in the economy.

  21. I have not been doin

    I have not been doing a lot of cooking lately from not feeling the best. I’m on the mend and these crackers inspired me and tweaked my appetite today. Presentation is A+! You have some lovely ideas. I am learning to stage my food for photography too (if my family doesn’t eat it all before I get a chance to)

  22. Fred,You are asking

    Fred,You are asking the wrong question. Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno was already in Mexico when Christie left for FL this past Sunday. The question you and others should ask is why did Christie leave the state on Sunday, with a pending blizzard, knowing his back-up was already out of the country, let alone out of the state?Whatever the answer, it speaks of pure negligence on the part of Chris Christie.

  23. True about how if yo

    True about how if you aren’t doing something, it’s because something else is more important. I needed that.I guess I skipped the part about hot asses because I’m a girl. It sucks that you have to write 2X length posts to cover all the things your editor wants. I guess that is the point of an editor though. To make you write about everything other people want to read about. Just not me. I don’t want to read about it.

  24. OT: UK MoD Dr. Fox h

    OT: UK MoD Dr. Fox has resigned because his business mixtures supermerged. Among these: BICOM (Brit-Israel lobby club, lately in the news because of mismailed bragging mail) and their sponsors. Note the dragging by PM Cameron — until the bribes became undeniable.It is being reported last week in FinTim, Daily Telegraph, Guardian, The Times (London).More on .

  25. Demons spiritually i

    Demons spiritually impregnade human woman and those woman produce non-human looking offspring, which the Illuminati will breed to pose as benevolent Aliens. That is how in a few years some fake alien disclosure will occur in which they will state they have covered up Aliens and now they are here to help us, obviously humans are going to believe it, and that’s how the Illuminati will take over the world. Since they are behind it.

  26. Yes I do. Especially

    Yes I do. Especially because disagreements have become a rarity these days on blogs. But, they are the only way to learn. I hate, &#e2x6;e1c8llent post’, ‘well written’, ‘awesome blog’ type comments. Destination Infinity

  27. Thanks Reac!cbe!!And

    Thanks Reac!cbe!!And thanks to your brother too!!!This book for your mom who loves cleanflicks? No, this is the wrong book for her.I’ve really got to read and review some more of the “clean” LDS lit works, just to get some more balance around here… ;^)