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  1. Quote:65% of Canadia

    Quote:65% of Canadian Muslims repudiate Al Qaeda and terrorism. Wow! That’s good news.endNice to hear.The problem is that I don't believe it. I don't believe it because I don't think repudiate means the same thing to me as it does to them.They are commanded by their scriptures, which they claim to be holy, to show one face to the non-Muslim and another, the true one, to the Ummah.This survey is meaningless to me.They haven't even thrown one feather on the wind.

  2. A young guy tried to

    A young guy tried to pick my husband's pocket in Bari, Italy, several years ago. My husband quickly reverted to his native language (English), spewing swear words and chasing the guy — who was eventually picked up by an accomplice on a motorcycle. Later, we both wondered, what on earth would he have done if he'd apprehended the bigger and younger would-be thief.

  3. I forgot to add this

    I forgot to add this about Tavis…another reason why he’s become SUSPECT to me is his SILENCE as Billary attempted to Ghettoize Obama into being THE BLACK CANDIDATE through their Dogwhistle Race-baiting Politics. ONLY when it became obvious to the MSM and ‘ blew up’ did he mumble a commentary about it. Before then, he was doing a Marcel Marceau impersonation. So, color me skeptical about Tavis and his intentions.

  4. Whitney, when I live

    Whitney, when I lived in Boston, it was well known that Little Italy was the safest neighborhood for a single white woman to live, because anyone who attacked or harassed women would be missing important body parts in short order.I can't actually advocate this, but I do understand it. As it applies to some black neighborhoods, from the outside it seems to me that things long ago reached a point where extra-judicial action would be understandable. Like I say, it's a very difficult issue.

  5. I really enjoyed see

    I really enjoyed seeing pictures of this splendid house again after so many years. I am now 72 but used to go to school there in 1945. I daresay other ex pupils may have contacted you. Although the regime there was very strict, ones outstanding memory was of the wonderful building and its surroundings – I even recall the large boulders of Quartz bordering the paths behind the building and the house in the Forest behind.If I can I should like to come and visit again one day .RegardsMark Tindall

  6. Very well said you L

    Very well said you LiL shmoozer.” I am just expecting you to be you.”It’s how I’ve always felt and tried to be when I’m around people.Making them fill comfortable around me and let them know I genuinely want to know about them, there business and in time there personal life if we make a connection with honest issues that effect our lives.Laura thanks and Have an Amazing Weekend!Benny

  7. Gap reduction with r

    Gap reduction with regard to black networks gets us deeply into investigating the rulesets of war. I see crime as a purposeful disconnectedness to the judicial system, and that criminal bosses are impressing people into soldiery/servitude who might otherwise join the global above board economy. The question is whether or not we can call such people ‘enemy combattants’. For that we might need an international ‘RICO’.

  8. I’ll be amazed

    I’ll be amazed if Pissed Chris gets 20% of the vote.I’ve gotten coffee at that Little Grocery a couple times. It’s nice enough, carries higher end stuff and the guy is a decent cook from what I’ve seen. You have to keep in mind there isn’t any place worth a sh*t back there to eat unless you consider Biggies Clam Bar fine dining.

  9. My pup has allergies

    My pup has allergies and can’t eat the store bought frozen treats for dogs that are very expensive. For less than $3 and $2 if the yogurt is on sale, I make my own – 1 32 oz container of plain vanilla yogurt, a mashed banana, a little bit of honey and a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter. Mix it all up (I use my ice cream freezer to freeze it up a bit) and put in 3 oz plastic disposable cups and freeze. When I ask her if she wants a Frosty she goes to straight to the freezer. It’s her favorite treat!

  10.   Irdha_nuryan

      Irdha_nuryantiNovember 18, 2012ustad tolong dong ngaji di WISATA HATI surah AL_BAQARAH 1-50 AYAT….. soalnya aku puter murottal prhalaman ga bisa….. waktu ustad ngaji surah AL-MULK aku rekam dan Alhamdulillah udah hafal, aku ngajinya blm begitu lancar tapi dengan rekaman suara ustad alhamdulillah aku bisa…. tolong ya ustad di bacakn AL-BAQARAH ayat 1-50, aku baru bs menghafal 15 ayat…… Mohon bantuannya ustad….

  11. Dilaida, así es. Di

    Dilaida, así es. Dinero hay para lo que quieren. BicosPues sí, Felipe, es un engreído casposo, rancio e involucionista.Perséfone, son gente de púlpito y como tal adoctrinan. Un beso.Antonio Gil, no me extrañaría que volvieran los toros, ya.María Jesús, ya lo vi. Una vergüenza. BicosAntonio, no dimite ni dios. Aunque debiera.Genín, es verdad que se le ve y busca protagonismo, pero puede jodernos bastante si sigue así.Txema, desgraciadamnte sí se entera, otra cosa es que crea que los demás seamos gilipollas.Salud y República

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    Effectivement, trouver les mots justes pour toucher et accrocher la clientèle est particulièrement difficile et le recours aux services d’un rédacteur web peut être un bon investissement.Merci pour vos commentaires, vous me rassurez car mes doigts ont souvent du mal à retranscrire simplement ce qui sort de ma tête

  14. we moderate first-ti

    we moderate first-time commentors because not doing it eventually led to being flooded with sockpuppets. As for overtly tracking users, LP doesn’t have anything in place beyond what WordPress includes by default, and I assure you that the hivemind only pays attention to it for discussion-wrangling i.e. when we need to add someone to the permanent-moderation or banhammer lists. We don’t even have Google Analytics any more.re Gravatar, the information they can share about folks who haven’t created a profile with them is limited, and if folks have created a profile with them then presumably they’re not bothered.

  15. diyor ki:merhaba. il

    diyor ki:merhaba. ilahiyat güzel bi bölüm. benim bi ablam okudu kpss den düşük alıyor zaten puanla. puanı aldı ve ÅŸuan da yurt ta ve camide kuran kursu öeitÄrmenŸ. maaşı da çok ii. bırakma bence. inÅŸallah senin için hayırlısı olur kardeÅŸim.

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